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Flexible Drain Cleaner

Flexible Drain Cleaner

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Stubborn drain clogs? No problem with our flexible drain cleaner!

Tired of recurring clogged drains in your home? Everyone knows the annoying problem, be it in the shower, bath or kitchen sink - hair and leftover food often lead to clogged drains. Cleaning can be inconvenient or even expensive if you have to hire a professional. But now there's a simple solution - our flexible drain cleaner!

Our drain cleaner is flexible, allowing you to easily penetrate deep pipes and reach stubborn clogs. With the specially designed multi-tooth spiral, you can effortlessly capture and remove hair, food residue and other blockages.

With a convenient length of 60 cm, the drain cleaner is easy to use. Simply hold the end with the hook, insert it into the drain, and pull out to unclog the clog. By using our flexible drain cleaner, you can avoid expensive plumbing bills and easily fix the problem yourself.

Save time, money and nerves! Get our flexible drain cleaner today and free yourself from stubborn drain clogs.

  • Efficient capture of hair and blockages
  • Flexible drain cleaner for deep pipes
  • Easy to use and convenient to use
  • Avoid expensive plumbing bills
  • Solution for stubborn drain clogs
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